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Chris Ruel, the owner of Autotrax, has been involved in the Winnipeg Automotive scene since 1974. His experience spans both Domestic and Import Vehicles of all types but also most recreational vehicles as well. He has spent many years in the Automotive Sales field, in Dealership Management and Ownership and extensive travelling to Auction Houses across Canada. His appraisal and arbitration work is recognized and utilized by MPI of Manitoba. Services are available to and used by MPI, Lawyers,Estates, Court of Queens Bench, Canada Post, Auction Houses and the General Public.

What We Bring to the Table

We are experienced, highly qualified, and discreet professionals, with excellent references offering a broad range of vehicles services focused on Vehicle Fair Market Valuation in Total Loss Situations with your Insurer [ MPI in Manitoba], also other situations where vehicles need to be re appraised for Retail Sales Tax overcharges, vehicle valuations in Marital disputes or simply information to help you with learn more about a vehicle you wish to purchase. We will handle your MPI total loss claim when a dispute arises so a Fair Market Value can be obtained. Feel free to call for an explanation of the arbitration/ Appraisal process. Court Testimony for vehicle values. Pre Purchase appraisals.

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Winnipeg  ph. 204-981-1623 ask for Chris

*** Call to have us handle any dispute regarding your vehicle's value or any unsatisfactory offers in an ongoing MPI claim or insurance claim. If you, as a consumer, are unhappy with a financial settlement offered by your insurance company, you have the option of entering the Arbitration/ Appraisal process where outside unbiased parties such as Autotrax can negotiate your vehicles value.   We handle your Appraisal/Arbitration  negotiations from start to finish with MPI or other insurer.

Call 204-981-1623 for information and pricing

*** Call if you would just like to purchase up to date Retail Vehicle pricing for your car from recognized Pricing Guides. This includes both wholesale and retail price with categories such as clean, average and rough conditions.  This will give you levels of pricing that you can apply to the condition of your vehicle determined by yourself. Values needed for vehicle claims that are older than one year may also be obtained.This is for the do it yourself appraiser and is geared for newer models 5 years old. Collector values are also available.

Call 204.981-1623 for information and pricing

*** Call if you have feel you have been overcharged on Retail Sales Tax and need your vehicle to be re appraised. The Manitoba government requires that you pay Retail Sales tax when transferring ownership of a vehicle and at times since this is based on certain book values that may not align with your purchase price for numerous reasons. These price guides do not take into account mileage, condition or prior loss status. We do! We supply the forms and our opinion of value for the Tax Department so a refund can be applied for. These book values do not take into consideration current damage, prior loss or high mileage.

 Call 204-981-1623 for information and  pricing

*** Call to have your vehicle appraised for a Fair Market Value. We do the appraisal and supply pricing support from recognized pricing guides and from vehicles currently for sale in local or other markets as needed. We also use or extensive knowledge when it comes to any special situations that include rare or sought after vehicle types or equipment. These appraisals can be utilized in "other" situations such as cross country shipping of a car, MPI insurance claim support, act as a silent witness with relation to storage insurance and proof of condition if a vehicle is out rightly stolen and condition is questioned by the insurer. 

Call 204-981-1623 for information and pricing

*** If you would like a printout of the Wholesale and Retail for your vehicle this can be provide on a pickup only basis

       for $50. This will come with some guidance. Please phone ahead to arrange this service. 204-981-1623

***If you would like a phone consult about your situation/claim this is a free consult to give you a sense of direction. 

*** If you would like a one hour consult at my place, $85., if you take our service then it is included for free.

*** Yes I do PST re alignment appraisals, also pre purchase appraisal[non-mechanical]

***We can be contacted easily also though the form below which is email direct. You will get a reply within 24 hours.

***Also view the map below for location......................Thanks Chris

Please note we have a Facebook page with free information to help you traverse your claim on your own. 

Autotrax Vehicle Appraisals

We also have a page on Facebook called MPI Total Loss and Claim Denial. Here you can ask questions or post your comments to acquire help or have discussions with other claimants.

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Our Commitment

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism and integrity. The Appraisal process will be as accurate as possible for our local markets, and get you great results. When local pricing cannot be established we will if required go the extra steps to provide price support from across the Canadian market and when collectible or rarer vehicles are concerned, in markets where pricing of certain types of vehicles could be considered more favorable. Arbitration's on MPI claims or any insurance claims are handled by an experienced Arbitrator that will seek to maximize the value you receive for your vehicle. The Appraisal/Arbitration process is simple and opens the door for you to garner second opinions of your vehicles value. The process takes the valuation process out of the insurers control and into the hands of unbiased appraisers that re evaluate the claim to make sure a Fair Market Value is applied to your vehicle. If you have over payed on sales tax on a private purchase lets take a look to see if all was considered in MPI's evaluation.